College is freaking great, but sometimes we are just not in the mood.


1. Waiting for the professor to get to class.


I’m sorry, last time I checked I have to be here on time, I’m about to dock your participation points.


2. Getting literally every due date on the syllabus moved around from the start.




3. Getting an assignment that wasn’t on the syllabus at all.

That’s cool. I don’t have a life or anything.


4. Getting half run over by people on bikes on campus. (1)

The side walk is for walking, slow the heck down Lance Armstrong.


5. Having a professor hold you late in class.


Yeah, I mean I was really hoping I’d have to sprint across campus to my next class. I definitely needed the exercise.


6. Loud people at the library having a raging study session with their friends.


Why. Just why.


7. Your friends going out for like the fourth night in a row when you have to stay in and do work. (4)

Don’t you guys have homework? Do you even go here?


8. The rain.


Anyone that thinks that singing, dancing, kissing, or any of that crap done in the rain is cute, obviously has never been in college.


9. Bills. Future bills. Current bills. Just basically all little numerical reminders that you’re broke as hell.


And now I’m depressed.


10. Being asked what your job is going to be when you graduate.


Do I look like a psychic to you? Would you like me to also read your palm?


11. There being no parking spaces literally anywhere you go.


You people know how many students attend this school, why exactly are there decent parking spaces for about half of that amount?


12. The moment when a Professor openly admits that you really don’t need one of the textbooks you already bought at the beginning of the semester. (2)

Okay, well then I would like my hundred dollars back please.


13. The people that walk in front of you at the speed of an 80 year old woman.


No, it’s okay take your sweet time.


14. Your roommate locking themselves out of your place or doing anything stupid that requires your immediate attention.


I love you, but…


15. Ridiculously long lines for food when it is all that keeps you going through the day. (3)

Suddenly, after viewing the fifty people in line at Dunkin Donuts, I no longer have an appetite for a glazed doughnut.


I give up, is it Friday yet?





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