So, you clicked on this article. We get it. Boyfriend and girlfriend duos everywhere could stand to learn a thing or two about you guys, right? You’re like the Marshall and Lily of relationships.

But in all seriousness, relationships can be really freaking tough, and if you happen to have stumbled upon the right human, you know it. It resonates in every day you spend with that person, learning and laughing through all of life’s journeys.

Below are just a few of the many signs you’ve got this whole relationship thing down to a science. (Complete with some gifs from my favorite real/fictional couples in all of their cuteness)

1. You know each other’s likes and dislikes like they are your own…down to the brand of string cheese they prefer. *Babe, it makes a difference.*

2. You’ve heard all their go-to stories and jokes, and still can’t help but laugh when they come in with the punch line.

3. You’re comfortable and carefree spending time apart or out with friends. Seriously, people ask you if you’re worried and it’s actually laughable in your mind as you imagine bae dancing like a dork under the neon lights without you.

4. You pursue your own passions and support each other’s too. (Like Steph and Ayesha Curry, obviously)

5. You look forward to spending idle time together, watching Netflix on separate sides of the couch with a bowl of popcorn on the middle cushion.

6. Unnecessary drama, jealously and random attempts to inspire negative attention are not on the table for you.

7. You’ve encountered many extreme, invigorating highs together, filled with accomplishment, fulfillment and beautiful memories.

8. You’ve also experienced hardship together, filled with the darker, more challenging moments of life.

9. Through both, you’ve grown closer and built upon the foundation of who you are as individuals, and who you are as a couple.

10. Mutual respect and understanding are pillars of your relationship.

11.  You learned to establish a cadence for some of the more boring responsibilities you both share, and are satisfied with each doing your part in different ways.

12. You’ve accepted each other’s flaws, and learned the true value of the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff” when compromising with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

13. You make friends together and have formed relationships with each other’s friends that you wouldn’t trade for the world.

14. The same goes for family. You’ve developed respect, love and mutual appreciation for one another’s families, and really value the time you get to spend with them both.

15. You’ve nailed down an effective way to handle confrontation together.

16. You’ve grown to recognize the (likely differing) ways you both deal with stress, sadness, disappointment, anger, etc. You understand how to handle each other.

17. Your life goals, aspirations and ambitions are complimentary and aligned. You’re basically a power couple working towards your dreams together.

18. You can have a heated political debate one minute, and be eating raviolis watching Modern Family the next. It’s easy for you to see the big picture together. 

19. You don’t allow outside pressures to move your relationship (as just boyfriend and girlfriend) in any direction. Major milestones will happen on your terms only. You’re completely content maintaining your own personal timelines.

20. You consult each other on big decisions, and try to consider the other person when you’re formulating your own opinion as well.

21. You’re genuinely proud of each other.

22. You’re patient with each other. (Well, within reason.)

23. You can’t think of another person you laugh more with.

24. There is an unending list of things only the two of you think are funny. You’re actually just complete dorks at this point, but you’re OK with it.

25. You’re on the same page. You know when you’re both feeling like it’s time to call an Uber and climb into sweats, and you know when it’s time to order the tequila shots.

26. Speaking of shots of tequila, you have a blast together when you’re out on the town, just like you do on those middle-cushion popcorn bowl nights.

27. You’re open to being flexible, but don’t ask or expect one another to really change who they are.

28. You take chances and risks.

29. You’re honest with each other…sometimes too much.

30. You’re comfortable with each other…sometimes too much.

31. Friendship comes naturally and easily for the two of you.

32. You explore together, introduce each other to new perspectives, and push each other to your full potential in life.

33. You love each other. At the end of the day, that prevails over every new challenge you face. You look at one another and know there is not another person in this world you’d rather be wandering through life beside. You feel that warmth in your heart that can only come from being in love with your best friend.

That, is what makes you an unstoppable boyfriend and girlfriend duo.

….don’t you just love love?




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