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6 Steps For Throwing the Best Adult Slumber Party Ever

Best Adult Slumber Party

There are many moments that I want to relive. That first legal drink when I turned 21, the first ride of freedom after I got my driver’s license, or all the simple nights– reciting lines from favorite movies or driving around aimlessly to songs that made us feel so alive.

But few youthful memories compare to the complete elation of a big slumber party with my best friends.

Snacks, movies, and late-night conversations: A memorable sleepover creates long-lasting memories. I even remember the pajamas I wore, whether they were a cute matching set or an old t-shirt and shorts. They stick out in my memory, because I remember picking them out knowing I was spending the night wrapped in comfort and joy.

Recreating that feeling with a pajama party, whether formal or informal, is a welcome celebration for anyone of any age. It’s something I have recently done again as an adult, and had a BLAST.

Below are a few steps to ensure that your cozy night in goes off without a hitch– because who says adults can’t throw a killer slumber party?

1. Take your main room and deck it out in sleepover fun.

Balloons are great for setting the mood, as are big “Slumber party” balloon letters! I have hung these up a few times and they have been super fun for photos.

I also love blowing up a few air mattresses and pushing them against the couch so there is plenty of space to lay and sit. I then throw basically every blanket and pillow in the house onto the giant bed area to give the sleepover feel.

I have even set out bowls of face masks, slippers and other sleepover-themed party favors to set the mood.

LED and christmas lights are also such a great touch, and so is a photo booth wall where your guests can pose in their PJs.

2. Make sure you have an abundance of snacks and drinks ready to go.

Snacks and drinks are essential for any movie night! You should have a good selection of both so everyone can find something they like.

If you’re stuck for ideas, simply ask your friends if they have any allergies or preferences. You could even make some homemade snacks if you want to take things a step further. My snack list includes some bonbons, chips and dips, pizza, and popcorn with different flavors.

If you don’t want to cook, takeout is also always a crowd-pleaser. Pizza or sushi go a long way!

Drinks are obviously also essential. Make sure you have a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages available so that everyone can have a good time.

I have created a signature pink cocktail that the girls just loved, and let them add liquor if wanted or drink it as a mocktail.

3. Plan fun activities for the night.

Planning a few activities ahead of time can make the night more enjoyable. You and your guests could do the following:

Make homemade spa treatments: These can include everything from applying face masks – cucumbers for the eyes are a must – to getting manicures/pedicures or getting a makeover. Take before and after photos.

Make a selfie wall: Hang the fabric on a wall and print out signs to use as props for an incredible photobooth experience. 

Make space for painting: It is a lot of fun to make paintings in an environment with people, both those who have more talent and those who have less talent. It will be a very entertaining mix.

Make breakfast together: Combine ideas for different recipes, fill the table with a mix of preparations made by you, and enjoy each other’s food.

4. Pick a matching set of PJs, or encourage your guests to wear whatever makes them most comfy.

The rules are: there are no rules– other than that everyone feels comfortable and at home!

Personally, I LOVE a new pair of pajamas.

And I love seeing all the fun PJs that my friends pick out as well, from comfy lounge sets to bright patterns, everyone gets the opportunity to express themseleves. And the photos are adorable, of course.

5. Have games ready to go.

Read the room! Are they feeling a drinking game?

No problem, grab the red cups or a deck of cards and you’re pretty much set.

More of a conversational or silly game? Also no problem!

I love this “For the Girls Game” and “Do You Know Me” for fun party games with a group of other women.

From there, the silliness and sharing always comes naturally.

6. Let your guests vote on the perfect slumber party movie or tv show.

I always had a list of different genres of movies ready. I try to include films from the action, adventure, horror, comedy, thriller, and science fiction genres. A few of my favorites are Lucy, Fatal Attraction, Unfaithful, Killing Me Softly, or series like Harry Potter, Friends, and The Office.

It’s always a good idea to have the list ready and let your guests choose! Sometimes it’s best to put it to a vote if everyone doesn’t immediately agree.

I’m not sure what it is I love most about adult PJ parties.

Maybe it’s the fact that I can wear pajamas to a party, maybe it’s the cozy activities or maybe it’s just the warm and inviting atomosphere to bond with the people I love most.

Whatever it is, I think I may be a life-long adult slumber part hoster.

And that seems pretty darn great to me.

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