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6 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without a Trip to the Salon

When you can’t afford or schedule a daily visit to the hair salon, you can use some of our tips for styling your hair like a pro as the next best thing.

5 Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home While Renovating For Your Family

Your house is your sanctuary. Your place to relax. The home for your family to grow. It means so much.…

5 Summer Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

It’s happening. Our social lives…they’re happening again this summer. At least in some way, shape or form. They’re happening. “WOOOOOOOOOOO!“…

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5 Perfect Reasons to Add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine

After a harsh winter, wearing face masks 24/7 and perhaps an entire year of neglecting normal skincare, we are all…

4 Tips For Handling Your Third Trimester Like a Pro

Before you know it, it’s the third trimester. Avoid these mistakes that I made so the last days before your delivery will be stress-free, not frenzied.

6 Mental Health Benefits and Life Lessons You Gain From Gardening

The psychological benefits of outdoor gardening include letting go, mindfulness and understanding change. Start a garden to improve your well-being.

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How a Little Kindness Can Go a Long Way: Especially For Moms

If you have ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness, you know how great it feels.  That’s…

5 Carry-On Musts for Flying with a Toddler

As I am half-walking, half-jogging through Dulles Airport to catch the tram to find the flight’s gate, I am even…

How Meeting a Stranger Cured My Pandemic Hopelessness

I met someone.  I know it happens every day to literally everyone. But for me, meeting this someone was a…

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5 Side Hustles for Busy Women Looking to Make Extra Cash

Side-hustles are a great way to augment one’s income, but they aren’t always easy when you have full-time work. If you’re a busy woman, check out these gigs.

5 Commitments for Balancing the Hectic Life of an Entrepreneur

If you’re starting a new business, let me get one thing straight: You’re a superhero. A rock star. A champion.…

This is the Kind of Crazy You Need to Achieve Your Dreams

I think every outstanding person is also a little insane. Every groundbreaking scientist. Self-made entrepreneur. Record-shattering athlete. Every and any…