A sister can make the perfect best friend.

She can be a little annoying sometimes (sorry, sis!) for teasing you or letting out secrets of your escapades to your parents, but you love her to bits.

You probably tell her that you love her, and that’s great! But sometimes actions really do speak louder than words. Finding ways to show her your love goes a long way in cementing the message.

I was not close to my sister until our early twenties. I realized how much I needed her when our mother passed away. All we had left was each other, and that mattered so much to me.

I started appreciating my sister more and tried new ways to show her how much I loved her. I understood that nurturing our relationship from that moment on was what I wanted to do, and what our mom would have wanted as well.

Redeeming my relationship with my sister made me realize how much I had missed out on. It completely changed my point of view. I started being more attentive and compassionate to the people around me. I started being present, especially when it came to my family.

I realized how important it is to show the people in your life that you love them, while you still can.

This is why I want to share these 11 ways that you can also show your sister how much you love her. It’s helped me, and I hope it can help you too.

1. Be there for her.

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Life is full of ups and downs. It is in our low moments that we need someone to give us social support. If your sister is going through a setback in life, be there to lend a shoulder to cry on. If she needs some guidance or advice, share your wisdom with her.

2. Support her dreams.

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We all have dreams and aspirations we want to achieve in life. All we sometimes need is a little push and support to get them in motion. Support your sister to reach her goals by cheering her on. If she needs to pay for a course and you’re able to give her a financial boost, offer it. If she can’t tell what she wants to pursue in life, help her figure it out. 

3. Suprise her with a little gift.

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Find her a unique gift that will show your personal connection. Matching sister bracelets are always a good choice when it comes to this. Remember that you don’t need a special occasion to give her; every now and then is a good time to give your sister.

4. Love the people she loves.

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It is one thing to show love to your sister, and it is another to show her that you love the people that she loves. The latter makes a bigger statement of your love for her. Extend love to your nieces and nephews, her husband as well as her friends.

5. Spend quality time together.

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Your bond is strengthened when you spend time together with your sister. Just sitting down listening to her endless stories or corny jokes goes to show her that you love her enough to take time off your busy schedule to be with her.

6. Keep her secrets.

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Everyone has a secret, and your sister has probably shared some of hers with you. Be a trusted sibling by keeping it a secret. Be sure to let her in on some of your own as well. Trust is huge in any relationship, including with siblings.

7. Defend her.

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We all need the kind of friend that’s always on our side. Stick up for her. Make sure you let your sister know that you are there to support and defend her when she needs it. Give her the tough love when necessary, but make her feel cared for regardless of circumstance. Don’t just defend her, help her learn to stand up for herself, and grow together.

8. Listen to her feedback and advice.

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Especially if your sister is younger than you, it is natural to want your opinions and ideas to dominate. But it doesn’t hurt to let her ideas take the lead. Besides showing her that you trust her wisdom, you could be surprised that her ideas turn out to be better than yours.

9. Forgive her.

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No relationship is perfect, including the one you have with your sister. There will be obstacles. You will make mistakes and so will she. It is the ability to forgive her that will show her just how much your relationship matters to you. It’s how you grow together.

10. Share in her interests.

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You may have different interests from your sister, but when you make an effort to do something that she enjoys, she sees your love and support. It could be painting, cooking, dancing, or playing video games with your sister. Anything she likes, give her the chance to share it with you!

11. Do projects together.

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A project done with both your ideas is bound to be more successful than when you would do it alone. Work together on a fun new project. It could be as big as renovating your parents’ house or as small as solving a puzzle. Whatever you want to do, do it together.

Showing love to your sister should be an endless endeavor that you need to intentionally pursue. Never miss an opportunity to show love to your sister. Seek to make lasting memories every chance that you get.

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