Who We Are

Here at HerTrack.com, we are fans of the train.

We like the way it moves and adjusts, changing directions that seem slight until you realize the true effect. We like that you can get on the train, and then get right back off and on to another. We like that sometimes it actually feels like you’re going backwards depending upon what seat you choose to sit in. We like that you can change your perspective by a simple movement.

As young women in today’s world we are faced with a multitude of different tracks. The routes change, the conditions vary and sometimes we honestly have no idea whether or not we really are going backward or forward. That is the single most beautiful, terrifying and electrifying aspect of this life. We choose so many directions and with each one comes the blessing of self-growth.

This website is a space for that growth. It’s a two-way conversation about everything from simple life hacks to the heart-wrenching obstacles we have to overcome in this world. It emphasizes the critical notion of the unique and complex modern woman. Often media and culture try to place us into boxes to which we simply can’t fit in anymore. We all board different trains in this world and the most we can do is offer the advice and conversation that promotes and establishes a sense of togetherness we all deserve.

This is our mission and our creed. We want to hear your voice and your opinions. We want you to reach out, speak out and even get involved with the website, because you are the track that leads to that togetherness we so seek.


Love and gratitude,

Her Track