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Her Track, founded in 2016 and previously Serendipity & Creativity from 2014-2016, is a lifestyle publication written by women and for women. We are a group of 100+ writers, designers, and marketers from all over the world, dedicated to producing helpful content and empowering other women to share their stories.

We believe in authenticity– and creating a candid portrayal of the intricate, beautiful and often messy routes we each take to finding ourselves as young women in this life. Her Track is your track and all of our tracks, mixed into one. We seek to provide a platform for creativity, personal stories, and idea-sharing related to relationships, career, style, health, women’s issues, family, travel, fitness and home.

We’re so thrilled that you’re here on this journey with us.

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  • Lexi Herrick Writer
    Lexi Herrick
  • Jasmine Cole Marrow HerTrack
    Jasmine Cole Marrow
  • Lauren Fowler
  • Morgan Herrick Her Track
    Morgan Herrick
  • Cassie Meade
  • Joanna Snodgrass- Her Track
    Joanna Snodgrass
  • Annie Henry Her Track
    Annie Henry
  • Bryn Gibson
  • Chelsea Dimmig Her Track
    Chelsea Dimmig
  • Kylie Bean
  • Maura Her Track
    Maura Lieberman
  • Liz Smolinski - Her Track
    Liz Smolinski
  • Sarah Hunker - Her Track
    Sarah Hunker
  • Gillian Watts Her Track Photo
    Gillian Watts
  • Sara Fry Her Track
    Sara Miller
  • Sydney Her Track
    Sydney Snelten
  • Wandy Ortiz Writer for HerTrack.com
    Wandy Ortiz
  • Lyndee Labrum Her Track
    Lyndee Labrum
  • Cassie Hager Her Track
    Cassie Hager
  • Danielle Her Track
    Danielle McDermott
  • Becca Tarter - Her Track Writer
    Becca Tarter
  • Elise Mihranian
  • Angela Myers HerTrack.com
    Angela Myers
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    Janae Sinclair
  • Lexi Burton HerTrack.com
    Lexi Burton
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    Missy Amato
  • Kati Polaski Her Track
    Kati Polaski
  • Jennifer Landis - HerTrack.com
    Jennifer Landis
  • caroline-trussell-photo her track
    Caroline Trussell
  • Emma Wiggins Her Track
    Emma Wiggins
  • Cassie Drumm
    Cassie Drumm
  • Shelby Erskine Her Track Writer
    Shelby Erskine
  • Andressa Andrade
  • Annete Sagal
  • Ashley Ruiz
  • BryAnn Becker Knecht
  • Christy Panchal
    Christy Panchal
  • Contacts
  • Gabrielle Muniz
    Gabrielle Muniz
  • Hollyn Donovan
  • Isabella Broggini
  • Jenn Schultz
    Jenn Schultz
  • Keely Snider - Her Track Writer
    Keely Snider
  • Marissa Wolfgang
    Marissa Wolfgang
  • Maurie Mickey
    Maurie Mickey
  • Meghan Moore
  • Riya Sander
  • Valerie Gregorio

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