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15 Cozy and Cute Winter Outfits You’ll Love to Try

15 Cozy and Cute Winter Outfits You'll Love to Try

Ah, winter. The time of year when we are plagued with cold, wet weather that makes for dry skin, frizzy hair and lots of tissues. For a lot of women (myself included) winter isn’t exactly a fashion favorite either…

Luckily, in the winter you can take a few simple necessities and pull together countless outfits to keep you cozy, warm and feeling confident. Below is my take on your “must-haves” for creating the Pinterest-worthy outfits below.

The Must-Have List For These Outfits:

1. Boots: These Hunter Boots are great for the rain, and can be matched with Boot Socks and Insoles for colder weather.

2. Winter Hat: Not a fan of the flu? Get a warm hat. These from Amazon are all super cute and affordable.

3. Chapstick: Ok this isn’t exactly a fashion need, but it’s a sanity need. My favs are Burt’s Bees, Eos and Baby Lips.

4. Wool Socks: MUST have if you enjoy having toes with blood circulation in the winter. Smart Wool is a great choice.

5. Scarves: These scarves from Amazon are really high quality and cute. I bought a few for myself and even as gifts.

6. Umbrella: Keep a nice, compact yet durable umbrella on you at all times, just in case you need to brave the conditions. Target has great options.

7. Leggings: You can never have too many leggings. Victoria’s Secret and Lululemon are crowd favorites.

8. Warm Vest: You’ll notice a few of the outfits below are paired with these fashionable and warm lifesavers. The one above is from Northface.

9. To-Go Coffee Mug: I am OBSESSED with cheesy coffee mugs. This site,, has amazing to-go mugs. They’re on Amazon as well.

10. Booties: Another accessory you can never have too many of. Booties can dress up and mix up any cute winter outfit. DSW has a great selection.

11. Gloves: NEED. Northface, Dick’s and Amazon have all kinds of styles, from fashionable to brave-a-snow-storm, you’re covered.

12. A Multitude of Coats/Jackets: I have a jean jacket listed above here because a lot of the outfits below use jean jackets to layer, but understand that I mean several jackets of varying warmth should be on the list. A Classic Parka, Jean Jacket, and Peacoat are a good start.

13. Big Sweaters: A classic winter staple. You can get these pretty much everywhere, including thrift stores. Urban Outfitters and American Eagle have a wide selection of high-quality sweaters too.

Now that you have the necessities, on to the findings of my Pinterest scavenger hunt. 

1. Cozy block shawl wrap and skinny jeans.

2. Stripped long-sleeved tee and navy puffy vest.

3. Flannel and beanie.

4. Bundled up in gray wool with Hunter Boots.

5. Wide-knit sweater and booties.

6. Ripped jeans, plaid scarf, and sweater.

7. Lace bralet and an over-sized sweater.

8. Long sweater and white v neck tee shirt.

9. Jean Jacket, stripes and sneakers.

10. Vans, ripped jeans and turtleneck sweater.

11. Yoga pants, puffy coat and puff-ball winter hat.

12. Long-sleeve turtleneck sweater and suede skirt.

13. Winter hat, booties and off-the-shoulder cotton shirt.

14. Colorful Hunter Boots, long graphic tee and leggings.

15. White blouse, gray sweater and long necklace.

Have any cute winter outfit ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below! You can also follow us on Pinterest for more outfit ideas. 

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