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Hey there–

My name is Lexi Herrick and I am the founder of and beforehand.

Blogging began as an outlet and hobby for me. I didn’t start with a business plan of any kind of professional background. I was a dorky 19 year old that talked way too much and definitely needed a source to filter all of that gibberish into. I had no idea what kind of world I was getting into. Months into scribbling my thoughts into notebooks and translating that into blogs, I watched the power of writing explode in front of my eyes.

I have had hundreds of emails come through from people all over the world just wanting to share their stories. Everything from relationship woes, to technical questions passed through my inbox. I’ve gained immeasurable amounts of insight from people I would have never met in the past. My work has been published, syndicated, and contributed to more websites than I can keep track of, and in more than 20 different languages. With every track I decided to take, I learned more about myself and about the abilities we have to influence each other through the phenomenal power of words.

I come to you now a few years older. Since the time I started this blog I have taken so many roads and different tracks. I’ve participated in a documentary and several writing projects that have made me immensely vulnerable. It’s been those kind of projects that changed me for the better and also encouraged others to be brave enough to be vulnerable along with me and talk about the issues we sometimes hide away. I have transferred colleges, moved several times, worked in corporate social media marketing for three years, graduated college early and now live in Philadelphia, PA exploring the intricate world of Search Engine Optimization in my new role.

It was time for a change here as well. is my story and it’s your story. It’s the story that is ever-changing, as they always are. Every time we decide on a new track and a different path, we grow. It’s a new name, and a new place that will be soon be hosting more authors than just myself. The content will be consistent, fresh and often though provoking. Everything from fun tips to serious matters will be thrown around the touch the hearts and minds of all of all of you, the incredible readers that have made this journey possible.

Thank you. Be sure to connect on social media with the icons of the left of the screen, or even reach out to me to directly, because as I told you that is one of my most prized joys. Also, reach out if you would be interested in getting involved with the new mission of HerTrack. Because as I said it’s no longer just my track, it’s all of yours.


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