So we all know avocados are everyone’s favorite green companion, but why? Let’s discuss.

1. Their versatility.

Avocados’ smooth texture and simple taste make them the perfect staple for a wide variety of different recipes.

If you prefer a mashed avocado, one of my favorites is avocado toast. Simply mash one up in a bowl with some lemon, salt and pepper, and spread it onto anything such as a slice of your favorite bread, a toasted pita, or a no carb cracker to make your own delicious version of avocado toast.  

If you’re into using your mashed avocado as a snack, mix one with some lime, salt, pepper, onions, and tomatoes to make some authentic guacamole. Pair this with anything ranging from good-old tortilla chips to cut up celery if you’re looking for a more low carb version.

If you’re someone who likes to maintain the integrity of a freshly sliced avocado, put some slices on top of your favorite omelet, salad, or burger for the perfect addition. No matter the meal, no matter the day, avocados can be used in a multitude of delicious, easy ways.

2. Their health benefits.

Avocados are FILLED with vitamins and nutrients. They’re a great source of vitamins C, E, K, B-6, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

A normal serving (1/5th of an avocado) contains less than a gram of sugar and almost three grams of fiber. This makes avocados the perfect food to help keep you full all day while also filling your body with the essential nutrients that it needs.

Their fiber content can also help with digestion by preventing constipation leading to the healthy excretion of toxins that your body needs to rid. Avocados also contain 25 milligrams beta-sitosterol per ounce. Beta-sitosterol is a natural plant sterol that has shown to help the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels, so your happy heart will be thanking you for making avocados a part of your diet. I promise your body will LOVE you for making avocados a part of your meals!

3. Their beauty uses.

It might sound crazy, but recently many people have been using avocados as a part of their beauty routines. There are even recipes online for homemade avocado face and hair masks.

The vitamins and nutrients that I mentioned before are even helpful to your body by soaking them directly into your skin or scalp. Beyond just the homemade products, large companies are using avocado oil in many of their products such as shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and moisturizers because of its benefits. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, help with psoriasis, and even treat acne. Although that mashed avocado mask on your face might not look as appealing as some fancy avocado toast, the benefits are undeniable.

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