Just because your bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it has to be dull. With a few fun tricks and decor pieces, you can turn your little space into a breathtaking room. Here are some ideas that you can use to spice up your small bathroom.

1. Paint the walls a new color.

A fresh coat of paint is known to turn any dull bathroom into a stylish space. You can always count on paint to make your bathroom more chic and sophisticated. You can also use paint effects to make the room appear larger than it is.

Try using different shades of color, as this will create dimension in your bathroom. Using one color might not give your bathroom as much depth as you want.

2. Consider peel-and-stick-vinyl tiles.

Peel and stick vinyl is an ideal choice if you’re living in a rental and you aren’t allowed to repaint. It will also be great if painting is too messy for you.

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3. Use plants as accents.

Any bathroom is sure to benefit from a few houseplants. Plants will brighten the room and give your bathroom a unique texture.

However, don’t overdo it. Remember, you’re trying to make your bathroom more colorful and less crowded. Consider your bathroom’s natural light and room temperature. If your bathroom doesn’t have excellent lighting, then re-consider having plants.

4. Get creative with the artwork.

Find an eye-catching painting and hang it on one of the bathroom’s walls. A beautiful painting or any type of artwork will make the bathroom more bold and intriguing. You can also use wall hangings to improve the texture of the space.

Bring more colors to your bathroom by using a real rug instead of a bath mat. Choose a colorful rug, with vibrant patterns that will distract the eye.

5. Use freestanding furniture.

Picking the right furniture for a small bathroom is quite challenging. Freestanding furniture helps you maximize bathroom space while still maintaining style. 

Buy furniture that you can easily move around. This allows you to create more space whenever you like. Consider buying a freestanding shower for your bathroom. Freestanding showers are perfect for small bathrooms. You might also want to use thin shelving as they create more room and still spruces up space.


6. Apply fun and unique wallpaper.

Using removable wallpaper can give your bathroom the unique tone it needs. Look at different patterns and styles suitable for your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of the good stuff from Minted.

The wallpaper will instantly brighten up space. Such simple changes such as using wallpaper will make things better in your bathroom.

7. Add a vanity unit.

Consider swapping your wall-mounted sink for a vanity unit of your choice. A vanity usually comes with a sink and a cabinet. Some other designs also include a faucet. Vanity units are great for small spaces. They play a perfect role in decorating the room while saving on storage. Make sure you have your landlord’s consent before installing a vanity unit.


8. Above all, strike a balance between style with function.

Decorate your bathroom with a sense of functionality. Use elements that are not only stylish and colorful but also appropriate for space. Resist squeezing in a lot of decorative accessories as the bathroom lacks in space.

There is a lot you can do for your bathroom without losing its functionality. Make sure you go through different home bathroom ideas for inspiration. You might get better ideas on how to decorate your bathroom. 

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