Pack away the bikini and break out the pumpkin flavored everything, it’s Fall.

  1. Before you rush off to buy a million cups of coffee at Starbucks and a new pair of boots, take a moment to go through your winter clothes and donate what you don’t need to the local Goodwill or Salvation army. The cold months that are approaching aren’t very exciting for those in need of a warm sweater, and that’s where you should begin this Fall.
  2. Run a 5k. The weather is great, the causes are great, and Fall is chock-full of them.
  3. Catch a few football games.
  4. Bring along your comfiest blankets too and cuddle up with your friends and family.
  5. Try to save your money whenever possible.
  6. Christmas is right around the corner and she’s a sneaky little thing. Look down this list and you’ll notice a lot of options that really don’t cost very much at all, fun doesn’t have to be fancy.
  7. Have a scary movie marathon.
  8. Go to a wine festival.
  9. Go on a hike.
  10. Really, there is no better time to reach the top of a mountain than Fall. You’ll look out and basically see a flawless oil painting you’d find hanging in a library or museum.
  11. Check out the pumpkin patch.
  12. Take part in the trick-or-treating. It is everywhere from your local neighborhood to the mall. It’s really a fun experience for kids of all ages and odds are it will warm your Fall spirit as well to see a bunch of little Frozen princesses and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the door.
  13. Volunteer whenever you can. Fall is a great time to get involved with something even as simple as helping the local elderly people get the leaves from their yard.
  14. Take photos. I know it sounds wildly corny, but Fall really is one of the best times to get amazing photos of your little kids; or boyfriend who reluctantly poses with you for the occasional Instagram photo.
  15. Bake a pumpkin pie.
  16. Bake pumpkin bread.
  17. You better bake something pumpkin or you might as well just slap Fall in the face.
  18. Grab your friends and head to the local fair.
  19. Stock up on your own coffee. Buying it is fun every once in awhile, but let’s not let Fall break the bank.
  20. Try to make your own Halloween costume. Get creative and see what you can do. There is no use spending forty dollars for some horrible quality costume at the store when pulling something together yourself feels so great.
  21. Also, see if you can convince your friends or boyfriend/husband to do a couple or group costume. It makes for a lot of laughs and pictures that you will laugh about for years.
  22. Try a flashlight corn maze with your friends or family. Trust me, it gets pretty interesting.
  23. Break out the apple cider that everyone only drinks for two months out of the year.
  24. If you’re feeling a little crafty, try to make a fun wreath for your front door.
  25. You can also take the more traditional route and decorate or carve a pumpkin. It brings back childhood memories and it’s nice to do with your friends and families.
  26. Roommates tend to get pretty excited about pumpkin decorating too.
  27. Go to a country concert.
  28. Get a really good pair of boots because you’ll be wearing them nonstop for the next few months.
  29. Take the time to really hunt for the perfect coat. Sure, there are a lot of decent coats out there, with fashionable appearances and a bit of warmth, BUT THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. A coat will mean the difference between the chest cold that doesn’t go away until March and walking around with a warm teddy bear on your back. Choose wisely this Fall.
  30. Go on a bike ride.
  31. If you have little ones of your own or just have a few little ones you love, take the time to do a few Fall crafts.
  32. Everything from handprint turkeys to decorating cookies to look like spiders is so much fun for you and for them.
  33. Have a little football party. Grab a few friends, add wings, beer, and football and you’re guaranteed a blast.
  34. Take a day to walk around at one of the many craft fairs that are held each Fall.
  35. Go to a petting zoo. I do this every year with my family at the corn maze and will probably continue to go and then just start hauling along my own kids. It’s seasonal and fun and usually free or just about.
  36. Travel to the city you’ve been wanting to see. It’s about to start getting snowy and difficult to travel, and just about every city looks gorgeous in autumn.
  37. Go on a spooky adventure like a ghost walk or a haunted house.
  38. Try an autumn beer like Samuel Adam’s OctoberFest.
  39. Utilize the Dollar Tree for all of your decorating and crafting needs. They really go above and beyond on the awesome scale when it comes to their Halloween and Fall supply.
  40. Fall in love with something new.
  41. Or someone new, who knows?
  42. Go on a hayride.
  43. Donate to a canned food drive.
  44. Make a campfire and s’mores.
  45. Tell stories around that campfire.
  46. I know I mentioned saving money on coffee, but you do have to try a really fancy one at least once in the Fall. There are so many unique flavors available for only a few months, so it’s a must.
  47. Tailgate.
  48. Indulge in some of your favorite candies.
  49. Get a hat and giant infinity scarf that make you feel like an autumn princess who also happens to be snuggly warm.
  50. Rejoice in the fact that you’re blessed with another Fall season. The sunlight will start getting scarce and the temperature will keep dropping, but the number one thing you can do on this list is be happy and thankful to be alive to enjoy all of the little things like pumpkins.
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