After a long week at work or with the kids, I know that I want a place to relax, unwind, and be at peace, and a she shed is the perfect place to have all to yourself.

What is a she shed, you ask?

It’s the adult version of a treehouse or secret hideout.

The female version of a man cave or, I don’t know, regular shed? Garage? Barn?

Why have there always been special locations in the home designated for privacy and hobbies for men, but not for women? Fathers and husbands are owed a peaceful oasis, but mothers, wives or heck women, in general, are not?


Enter, she shed.

shed shed home

A place for you to do anything you want–make music, write, craft, garden, read. It can be a home office, a home gym or even a place to binge-watch your favorite TV.

I personally LOVE my she-shed and recommend them all the time to any friend who will listen.

If you have ever considered creating a place that’s just for you, here are a few more benefits of looking into a she shed for doing just that!

1. It gives you a sense of privacy.

I love my family dearly, but occasionally, I need a little time for myself.

A she shed allows me to have a little privacy away from the kids for a while. After relaxing in the she shed, I often feel refreshed and more at ease, ready for my busy life to begin again.

2. It creates a safe place for you to practice your hobbies.

Another one of the benefits of having a she shed is that you can practice your skills and hobbies. I enjoy crocheting and painting, and a she shed is a perfect, peaceful environment for my working, writing, arts and crafts. If you enjoy reading, you can turn your she shed into a mini-library.

If you want to nap, learn how to create a cozy she shed. Occasionally, I change my she shed depending on my current hobbies and interests.

3. You’re allowed a bit of peace, quiet and rest.

Especially if you have kids, it’s impossible to take a quick nap, read a book, or listen to music.

Dealing with stress is an important part of life that we often forget. My she shed offers me a place where I can do whatever I want to relax and prepare for tomorrow.

4. You have a space to express yourself freely.

One of the best things about a she shed is that you can express yourself. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our roles in life—such as being a mom, wife, worker, and more—that we forget to find ourselves in the process.

In your she shed, you can do whatever you want, decorate to your preferences, explore your talents, and much more.

You deserve a space that’s just for you– somewhere to be yourself, rest and have space to just be. Maybe, a she shed is right for you too!

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