To the Family of Christina Grimmie,

I woke up this morning, June 11, 2016, to find out that someone I looked up to for the past five years had passed away. It almost doesn’t seem real. Tragedy strikes the heart and mind in a paralyzing way. To many of us, Christina was more than just some girl on YouTube that had a phenomenal voice. To us, Christina was someone that we could look up to. To us, she was constantly doing something to try and make her dream of being a recording artist come true. She was an inspiration at its truest form.

I remember the first time I got hooked on Christina’s YouTube videos. I was in eighth grade and one of my best friends came up to me and told me that I just had to watch this video on YouTube. That video was Christina’s “Above All That is Random 1.” It was such a random video, as it was titled, but it was catchy and made me want to hear more. I had subscribed to Christina’s channel and every time a new cover popped up on my subscription feed, I was hooked. Her voice has always been so unique and special.

One night while I was in my second year of college, The Voice was on my television in the background while I was studying. All of a sudden I heard the name “Christina Grimmie.” My head had snapped up from my studies and I watched as one of my favorite singers on YouTube took the stage for her Blind Audition. As she sang “Wrecking Ball,” in my head I was convinced she was going to win. All four judges had turned around and goosebumps were traveling up my arms and neck. No matter how happy and ecstatic I was at this moment, nothing touched me more than when she said that her main inspiration was her mom.

I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry that this had to happen, especially the way that it did. I’m sure a bunch of us want to say thank you to her brother. In my opinion, her brother did everything he could have. Also, I’m sure a lot of us would also like to thank her mom. Without her mom, who knows if she would have gotten as far as she did. We should all take her love for her mom into consideration when we think about our own mothers. A lot of us take our mothers for granted. I know I have several times in my life and now that I’m older I regret it. Family is so important when it comes to making our dreams come true, and Christina definitely understood that.

As Christina once said on Twitter, “Sometimes God allows terrible things to happen in your life and you don’t know why. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trusting Him.” Always remember that. God had put her on this earth for a reason, and I believe that reason was to inspire others with her voice. So many of us found her as someone to look up to. She knew what she wanted for her life and went after it. She used her voice through music to uplift and inspire so many young men and women. As her fans, we could never thank her enough for that. I am praying for you and your family, and my thoughts are with you. I’m sure millions of others are also supporting and praying for your family during this extremely heartbreaking time. I could never thank you enough for bringing Christina into this world and supporting her dreams.

Thank you for bringing such an uplifting, inspiring, happy, beautiful and talented young women into our world. I will always remember the amazing voice that entered the hearts of millions, and the girl who inspired so many.


With love and sympathy,

A Forever, Team Grimmie


You can visit to donate to support the family of Christina Grimmie. 


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