Your wedding day is the creation of a long-lasting memory, in fact, a whole bunch of memories. Ones that you will treasure forever. Putting a bit of extra thought and effort into the smaller details, like the invites, will pay off when you finally sit back and relax and think of all the little moments that brought you joy. 

Choosing and writing wedding invites can be a bit mind-boggling. Couples planning their big day tend to be surprised about just how much time goes into the invites alone. From the paper choices, styling, and budget ramifications, to the wording, printing, timing and RSVP choices, there is a lot to consider for this seemingly innocuous piece of paper. 

1. Include all the important details in your wedding invites.

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There is a fine balance between including just enough and too much information in your invites. The top line information that your guests need includes; 

  • Who is inviting them to whose wedding
  • Who exactly is invited? Can Cousin Kitty bring a plus one? Are kids ok? Make it clear.
  • The location, time and date of the ceremony and the reception
  • The dress code, if there is one

You might be surprised how often some of these vital points get forgotten. 

Be transparent about anything that could cause awkwardness. Getting it out there early prevents uncomfortable conversations later. So, if the plan is to have a party but no formal meal you could say ‘Join us after the ceremony to celebrate at our evening drinks reception with delicious cocktails and canapes and lots of dancing.’

2. Be who you are.

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If you are an eco-conscious couple and have concerns about the environmental impact of your wedding invites, then consider recycled paper options. Another option is fabric printed invites that can be kept as mementoes. There are even papers that are embedded with seeds ready to grow flowers from. 

“If you are more of a techy person, it is completely viable to only have digital invites. You may have to check in individually with guests to avoid their spam folders though. All that said, if you are a fan of the romantic, old-school, embossed invites in lined envelopes, then you do you,” says Molly Sands a journalist at Boomessays and Paper Fellows.

Another way to make your invites particularly memorable is to write your wedding details as a ditty or into a short story. Get creative with the writing styles for an added fun factor.

4. Make it easier on yourself. 

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Planning a wedding can be terribly exciting, and sometimes a bit stressful too. Give yourself a helping hand by employing some of the tools available online that can help you. 

In the excitement, it is easy to lose track of details. It’s vital that you have your invites edited and proofread by someone other than yourself or your spouse.

Imagine sending off hundreds of invites only to realize there is a typo or there is a detail missing. Best not to take the risk. To avoid putting this massive responsibility on the shoulders of your wedding party or family, consider using some of these helpful editing services Bigassignements, OXessays, Best Essay Writing Services, or Do my assignments. Services like these give you the chance to have a professional writer proofread your invites without breaking the bank.

5. Consider the timing of your invites.

“One of the top stresses I hear about is the delivery of invites”, writes Linda Johnson, a wedding writer at Essay Writer and Literature Review. “Count backward from the chosen wedding date to eight weeks before it. Then add two weeks for delivery.”, she writes. Now that you know when to put invites in the mail but to get them to that stage you need to decide on the design, writing, proofreading, printing, and writing, delivery to guests. 

Work backward again to plan for this. You might find it useful to call and speak to your local printer for some advice on timing. Keep in mind that if you are getting wed at the height of the wedding season, your printer might have limited availability. Likewise for ordering online. 

For every decision you need to make for your invites, and wedding in general, give yourself plenty of time. Delegate as much as possible too and trust that those you delegate to will deliver. 

Beatrix Potter is a professional health writer at Academic Writing Service and Essay Service. Beatrix regularly writes articles about motherhood, female health and issues relating to pregnancy. She also tutors students at all stages of their education at Essay Help Australia website.

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