One of the hallmarks of good health is glowing skin.

You know what I mean, that light, lively and rosy complexion that lets your energy shine.

Though it may feel at times unattainable, you get this naturally glowing skin from a combination of a good diet, exercise, and proper skincare.

One of the easiest things you can do is eat your way to good skin.

Because who doesn’t love tasty, healthy food that also makes you feel even more gorgeous and confident?!

If you’re looking to eat foods that make your skin glow, you need to know where to start. We’ve got you covered. Give yourself a skin boost with these foods going into your diet!

1. Tomatoes.

tomatoes on green leaf plate

Tomatoes are one of the most common fruits in the world. We use them for everything, from the tomato sauce for your pizza to the salsa for your nachos. These vine fruits are also packed with vitamins and minerals that don’t flush out when you cook them. On the contrary, the bioavailability of its nutrients improves after cooking.

Every time you eat a tomato, you take in several vitamins like vitamin A (retinol, retinoic acid), K, B1, B3, B5, B6, and B7. You’ll also get around 28% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C per medium-sized tomato. What you want from tomatoes the most, is lycopene.

Lycopene is a naturally occurring chemical in tomatoes that give its distinct red color. This component of tomato is an essential nutrient that humans need, working as an antioxidant that keeps skin young. Studies also show that enough lycopene can help in protecting your skin from sunburns.

So eat up! Cheery tomatoes are also great for a sweet and fresh snack.

2. Fatty fish.

gray knife and orange flesh meat on wooden chopping board

Fatty fish are some of the most nutritious foods that people have eaten since the dawn of time. Whether you’re an omnivore or a pescatarian, most people can find a kind of fish they love. There’s some type of fish dish in every culture and you can cook it many different ways, especially fatty fish.

Fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna, and anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, together with other vitamins like B12, D, and zinc. Omega-3 is one of the most necessary fatty acids that helps keep your skin thick and supple. It also provides a moisturizing feel that prevents dry skin.

Fish is also rich in Vitamin E, which has key antioxidant properties for your skin. Vitamin E also helps keep the skin’s elasticity, reducing chances for fine lines and wrinkles. Most fatty fish are scrumptious too, so you will enjoy every bite.

3. Oranges.

sliced orange fruit on blue surface

Oranges are famous for being some of the best immune-boosting foods in the world. They are rich in Vitamin C and they can be absolutely delicious. Citrus fruits, in general, have all these properties but the orange is easy to eat as it is with its sweet, juicy meat compared to its harsher cousins.

A serving of orange offers more antioxidant properties that protect the skin from UV damage. Vitamin C also helps improve wound healing and creates a skin barrier for your body’s surface. If you’re having issues with your Vitamin C levels, you can test it by scratching soft lines on your skin.

Vitamin C from oranges can also help in the production of collagen. Collagen is a crucial component of the skin, as it helps strengthen skin fibers and other connective tissue. The nutrient can help heal any blemishes that you have too.

4. Cabbage.

green leaf vegetable in close up photography

Cabbage is a workhorse aliment among greens, known for having a fresh, neutral taste that many people love. Unbeknownst to many, it’s also nutrient-rich and packed with beneficial vitamins while having very few calories.

Cabbage is full of nutrients, especially when eaten raw. Add it to your coleslaws or salads, even if you like the green or red variety. Its fiber-rich content can improve digestion and provides fuel for important probiotics in your gut.

For every cup of cabbage, you get more than 50% of your RDI for Vitamin C, 85% for Vitamin K, and high levels of polyphenols. With its Vitamin C content, you can get fulfill your daily intake with two cups.

Cabbage is also great for your skin because it reduces the risk for hyperpigmentation and encourages cell renewal.

5. Avocados.

green and brown vegetable on white ceramic plate

You can find avocados in almost every salad and breakfast dish, including guacamole and the much-maligned avocado on toast. This tasty green fruit is also great for your skin due to its high levels of healthy fats that help rejuvenate your skin.

For every 100 grams of avocado or half an avocado, you can get around 11% of your daily allowance for Vitamin C. You can also get your 14% DV for Vitamin E and 28% of your fiber allowance for the day. It’s also full of other nutrients like Vitamin B6, magnesium, and niacin.

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats which are great replacements for the unhealthy saturated fats you get from fast food. These fruits help maintain healthy levels of good cholesterol and keep your skin soft and supple. You can also derive a good percent of your daily Vitamin E allowance with avocado-rich foods.

6. Almonds.

Close-Up Photography of Almond Nuts

Almonds are one of the most-hyped beauty foods known to man. Almonds in any form offer a good amount of vitamins and minerals especially associated with glowing skin. Much of its nutrition stays even after processing too, so you can enjoy the same nutritional values with soy milk, roasted almonds, and more.

Almonds are some of the richest sources of Vitamin E, with as much as 37% of your recommended daily intake in every 28g serving of almonds. It also has as much as 32% RDI in manganese, 20% RDI in magnesium, and 3.5 g of fiber.

Another great nutrient in almonds that your skin would love is its 9g of monounsaturated fat available with every serving. You also get a ton of antioxidants, mostly concentrated on the brown layer of the skin. This makes almonds best eaten whole and raw to get the most out of every bite.

If you want glowing skin, there is a laundry list of foods that will surely affect your skin health.

Make sure you eat loads of the foods above to enjoy keep your skin safe, healthy, and beautiful. While there are additional factors that may be at play, enjoying great, healthy food should help towards a gorgeous glow!

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