It’s just a giant dysfunctional group of best friends that happen to be related.


1. Family game nights are cutthroat, and immensely enjoyable.

2. There’s probably nothing cooler than realizing you are partying with your parents, and it’s awesome.

3. Your siblings have a special way of understanding you like no one else can. They basically have special sibling goggles that allow them to see the world the way you do.

4. You have a million memories to laugh about together– spanning from infancy to present day.

5. You have grown to understand the true meaning of “tough skin” because your family has been relentlessly picking on each other for your entire life.

6. You know that no matter what idiotic decisions you make, or how many times you fall flat on your face, there is an oddball group of people waiting for you with open arms. They will always pick you back up.

7. You never truly feel alone.

8. You can stay close with each other from any distance.

9. They’ve seen you through all of your awkward stages, including the teen angst and band-tees stage, and they still somehow manage to love you unconditionally.

10. You always have people calling you incessantly at exact moments of inconvenience. However, this serves as a constant reminder that you are cared for and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

11. You have the coolest traditions together.

12. You have become a pro at handling all ages of humans. Your family has trained you to handle anything from puking babies to yelling old ladies like a total champ.

13. You have learned to appreciate the virtue of simple happiness because of the countless nights you spent with your family making incredible fun out of backyard games and long stories.

14. You are now always open for a movie night. Make the popcorn and grab the blankets because you love that nonsense by nature at this point.

15. You have the honor of feeling a certain pride towards your family. You defend your traditions and memories like they are sacred, it’s like being a dedicated sports fan.

16. That’s another thing, our families often absorb us into really intense fandom. Football games with your family are irreplaceable, and no one understands the dynamics quite like you guys do.

17. There are always embarrassing comments on your photos or tagged photos that you have to endure on Facebook from your great aunts, mother, etc.

18. Okay, maybe you don’t exactly love #17, but it is definitely amusing for your fellow social media friends.

19. You get to vacation for free with the coolest people ever. And it’s an absolute blast.

20. They understand your local loves and represent everything you still somehow treasure about your hometown.

21. Your older relatives are always prepared to share their infinite wisdom with you through their hilarious stories. They also are actual wizards when it comes to card games.

22. You have younger cousins that are more excited to see you then just about anyone in your life ever is. They run and jump into your arms like you’re a celebrity. The littlest of family members always manage to warm your heart like no others.

23. You know you’ve learned valuable lessons about patience, commitment, kindness, respect, and understanding from the strong family ties you were blessed with.

24. Table conversation can sometimes turn into a screaming battle. Whoever yells louder gets to speak. Hey, it taught you to be assertive, and provided endless entertainment.

25. You have so many photos with these people that you know you’d never be able to deny your relation to them.

26. You know you can always count on them. You have each other’s backs.

27. You’ve always have an unwavering support system.

28. You actually love dorky life events like Parent’s Weekend in college because you miss your family and you will forever want them to be a part of the different stages of your life.

29. You know you will always have your favorite foods with them. Family food is freaking phenomenal.

30. They have always wanted you. Even when you wanted to choose your middle school friends over them, or you thought they were the most embarrassing group of individuals God could have plagued you with, they still wanted you. You know that at any moment you could retreat from the harshness of life back to a simple place where support and homemade mac and cheese can welcome you.Your family will always be there.

They will cheer for you at graduations. They will help you stumble through difficult life decisions. They will walk you down the aisle and hold your newborn baby when you’re shaking with fear and excitement. They will wipe your tears and share your laughter throughout life, from any distance and time. People will come in and out of your life, but family is forever.

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