Why is college good for you?

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The most common answer to a question like this is college is the gateway to getting a great job and in my experience it has been. I am forever grateful for being able to land a position for a publication right out of college because most do not. But in reality, nowadays employers are looking to hire someone who has five-plus years of experience, making a college degree seem somewhat pointless. Yes, a college degree is very important because it is a place to be able to make connections,  network, and find out what it is you want out of life career wise. College is just one big resource library and it is yours for the taking. You will never hear anyone say they regretted going to a university but in my opinion,  college is so much more than academia.

It’s a place where you get to be free for four years of your life with no parents and no worries in the world except that your chemistry lab is due next Friday or you’re going to have to pull an all nighter to make sure your English paper is done. It’s the place where you’re going to meet all different kinds of people from all over the world and make them your best friend. For most colleges, they strive on culture and diversity which isn’t something you can always get if you live in a small town. As a recent grad myself I have found that living in the real world makes me miss my college days. When I was in school I couldn’t wait to get out and start making money and really do what I love, which is writing. But then once I was out of school I found myself longing to go back. To feel a part of something again, and to live with my roommates one last time. There’s that saying that your college friends will become your forever friends, which has proven to be true to me. Those friends that I’ve made are the people who I will love and will remember always. Those girls who I have shared my embarrassing secrets to and laughed so hard with will be in my wedding. College isn’t just about getting good grades or GPA’s. It’s about making memories with people who share the same goals and same interests as you. People who will go through the same struggles with you and who will probably cheat off of you on your accounting exam.

College is the time where you get to be an adult but still live with that childish ambition. So when you’re thinking about going to college or not to go, figure out what it is you really want. Yes, high school dragged on and you couldn’t imagine doing another four years of school. But imagine if you met your soulmate there, your best friend from Bali there, and even your passion in life. College opens up a lot of doors whether it’s with your career, relationships, or yourself. Who knows, maybe I’m being completely biased and you’ll get there and completely hate it or you will get there and your whole life will change for the better. I don’t agree that college will be the best four years of your life because every year should be the best years of your lives, but I do agree that there is no other bond than the people who you went to school and shared unbelievable memories with. So why is college good? Because it is the only place where you’re allowed to decide what you want without being judged or pressured. It is your time to make that decision, so choose.

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