Your house is your sanctuary. Your place to relax. The home for your family to grow.

It means so much.

It’s also an investment in your future.

Whenever I upgrade my home, I think about how it will increase my comfort, but I also consider how it will add to my home’s value for the future.

Some renovations will add more equity than others. Some will be more labor-intensive than others. But all of them can add to your family’s enjoyment and comfort while you live there, while continuing to set you all up for future financial success.

Here are a few ways to increase the value of your home.

1. Renovate your kitchen and bathroom.

white wooden kitchen cabinet and white kitchen counter

Upgraded kitchens and bathrooms have the most appeal to homebuyers. Dated bathrooms and kitchens lacking newer appliances will not be an asset when it comes time to resell your house. They’re also the central nervous

Focusing time and money on renovating these rooms will add value to your home and the time you spend in it. Be aware: planning a kitchen remodel involves budgeting and design elements that will take time to figure out.

For your bathroom upgrade, consider a Sanicompact upflush toilet for a more cost-effective toilet replacement if you want to save money and time on installation. With basic plumbing knowledge, you can conduct a DIY installation on this fixture.

2. Choose eco-friendly appliances.

blue canister

Homebuyers are more interested in energy-efficient appliances—to save money on bills and help save the planet.

The same goes for homeowners, because why wouldn’t you want to save on utilities costs now?

Upgrading to a more efficient furnace or fridge and a smart thermostat can significantly lower the gas and electric bills.

3. Increase buyer interest with curb appeal.

Sprucing up your landscaping and porch will increase your home’s curb appeal. A more pleasing exterior raises the expectations of both homebuyers and appraisers. Plus, it’s a lovely and relaxing place to enjoy with your family, so why not give it some love?

Here are some ways to increase the value of your home with curb appeal:

  • Install window boxes with seasonal flowers.
  • Make your front door a statement piece with new hardware and a coat of paint.
  • Add seating to your front porch to give your home a welcoming vibe.

4. Finish your basement.

Top 5 Benefits of Finishing Your Basement - Home Pro America

Finishing your basement will add square footage to your home, boosting your home’s value in a big way. But renovating an entire floor of your home is a massive project, and you’ll likely need to hire a contractor.

Even partially finishing your basement by adding a bedroom can be beneficial. Not only will this add value, but it will also allow your family to grow comfortably within your current house.

5. Add high-end fixtures.

Modular Kitchen Design

Increasing your home’s worth doesn’t have to involve contractors and high costs. Upgrading fixtures around your home can spark the homebuyer’s interest.

Repainting your home is another easy and cost-effective route. Replacing doorknobs, light fixtures, and modeling can also increase your home’s equity.

Improving your home will increase its worth when it comes time to sell. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to turn your home into the sanctuary you deserve!

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