Sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way when it comes to being a happier person.

1. Say hello to someone.
That girl you see every day on your way walking to class… the janitor that everyone under appreciates… simply saying hello will brighten up your day and probably theirs as well.

2. Smile.
Smile to yourself. Smile at others. Smile because you’re thinking of the latest cat video you saw on YouTube. Smile because you know you have some spaghetti left over for dinner. There is always something to smile at or to be happy about. Just think about it, if everyone you were around was always smiling (not in a creepy way, but genuinely), you would be happier too. So smile, it’s contagious.

3. Treat Yourself.
Eat something you enjoy. And when I say enjoy, I mean actually ENJOY. If you consider a salad a “treat”, then props to you; but if you are like me, a piece of chocolate probably sounds a little (or a lot) better.  Even if you are on a “diet” being mentally happy is just as important as being physically happy, and if you aren’t mentally happy, you are more likely to break that diet anyways. So eat that one scoop (or more) of ice cream, that spoonful of peanut butter or whatever makes your stomach happy each day!

4. Look in the mirror and tell yourself: “I Am Beautiful.”
It takes 2 seconds. Do it. Say it. Because you are.

5. Do 15 (or more!) crunches, squats or another exercise.
While you are waiting for your coffee to brew or right before bed. Even if it’s not a lot you won’t have that thought of “I didn’t do any exercise this week” because by the end of the week you did over 100 of *insert your exercise of choice here* without even thinking! Exercising makes everyone feel good (maybe not during, but you will after). The power of endorphins is seriously underrated. Making time to do at least a little bit of exercise a day is well worth it in so many ways. It will relieve stress, make you feel good and look good too.    

6. Send one extra text.
We are all constantly on our phones. How many times have you refreshed your twitter when it has only been about 7 seconds since you last refreshed it? Nothing else is new. So take that time and send a text to that friend you haven’t talked to in a while, that classmate who looked like they had a rough morning, your grandma, your mom, or any person that is on your mind. A friendly check-in will show them that you care and that will warm your heart as well.

7. Sing.
Turn on whatever music you are feeling: happy, sad, angsty punk, whatever– and just sing. If you hate the sound of your voice, turn it up until you can’t hear it. Letting it out is sometimes just what you need to clear your head. So take time to let your vocal chords be free whether you are jamming out in your car or to your shower head.

8. Take 5 minutes and RELAX.
Everyone gets busy. Sometimes you feel so busy and stressed that this is overlooked, but taking a little bit of time for yourself each day can make you feel so much better. Trust me, you have 5 minutes. Sit in the parking lot for 5 minutes after class, the traffic can wait. Take 5 minutes after your shower and just lay in your bed in your towel. Do whatever you need to do. Stop stressing about the boy who didn’t text you back or the paper that needs to be written. Take a deep breath, chill out and remind yourself that you’re doing life and you’re doing just fine.

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