Share What Matters is a movement defined by two key elements:

1. We have the power in 2016 to determine what is trending. We can use that ability to shift the negativity on social media and change it into a tool for greatness.

2. We all have a story. You have a story and something that fuels the fire in your soul. We want to hear that story, and we want to share it.

I want us all to take a minute to reflect on how much authority and power our voices have gained over the years. When my mother was my age, if you weren’t a reporter, public speaker or published author, your voice wasn’t really heard. Your opinions and ability to influence others were absorbed into the masses, and attempting to change that was immensely challenging. People stood outside with signs and screamed at the top of their voices to be heard. People marched for hours, ruthlessly contacted media sources and gave everything they had to make a difference. Today, we take the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people, for granted. We each have an extraordinary platform to let others know what we stand for, but we often choose to ignore that.

What do you think past generations of people would have done to be able to say thank you to all of their closest friends and family that live across the world, with just the click of a button? What do you think past activists and thought-leaders would have given to be able to spread a message to thousands of people in an instant? It’s amazing what we can do. We can share our stories, hopes, dreams and motivations. We can instantly join movements towards a better life. Social media shouldn’t be consumed by political rants and recipes that happen at warp speed, it should be a remarkable tool for communicating what really matters.

–It takes a few moments to #ShareWhatMatters and tell people in your life that you care on social media.

–It takes a few moments to #ShareWhatMatters and post an article or video that resonates with what you believe in.

–It takes a few moments to consider what you engage with online. That small shift in mindset can empower you to make a difference in the landscape of online communication.

Gone are the days when we can blame “the media” for the content we consume. We are the media. We dictate what is trending by engaging with that content. If you see something negative and it fills you with despicable anger, ignore it. If you ignore this kind of coverage, it won’t exist. The problem is we don’t ignore it. We fuel it and fuel a space filled with resentment and ignorance rather than a place filled with hope and kindness. #ShareWhatMatters is a movement that sets out to change that.

We want to bring purpose and substance back into what we share on social media. We want to be ambassadors for the future. We want to have a voice, and give it to others. We are sharing our stories, sharing our experiences and also sharing our love. Gratitude is a pillar of this website and should be a pillar in all of our lives. It’s a key component of this campaign as well, because if we are sharing what matters, we should also be sharing love. Love is what matters more than anything. It is the strongest, most powerful entity in the world. It’s what sharing is all about.

Join us. Share the video above and share this message. Tag #ShareWhatMatters whenever you can and we will promote, engage and encourage everything you want to spread. Submit your story below. Work with us, grow with us and let us know what matters to you.

What matters to you, matters to us. It’s time we start sharing that.


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