Recently people have started to explore many complementary therapies while seeking to improve their health and wellness, and essential oils are just one modality. I started using essential oils over 4 years ago as I was looking to better support my teenage daughter. Unfortunately, she is allergic to almost every indoor and outdoor allergen (pollen, mold, dust mites, grasses, etc.) and traditional treatments and pharmaceuticals were not alleviating her symptoms completely. It was difficult to watch her suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose and constant sneezing during such a beautiful time of year. We all wanted to enjoy the outdoors, but many times she just couldn’t participate because of her discomfort. A friend introduced me to the oils and she had, what I like to call, an “oil moment”! She had open airways almost immediately for the first time in months. Since I am a nurse, this immediately piqued my attention, and I wanted to know MORE about these powerful little bottles and what else I could use them for.

The Basics of Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that come from plants, these compounds provide a variety of therapeutic benefits by supporting your body’s natural functions. You may be surprised to find out that essential oils are not new. They have been around since Ancient times, ever heard of Frankincense or Myrrh? Yup, those are essential oils.

Essential oils can help people get the rest they need, open airways for easier breathing, support the immune system, relieve occasional stomach upset, ease muscle and head tension, calm anxious feelings, calm minor skin irritations and overall support anything you can think of! Here are 10 ways to use essential oils in your everyday life:

1. Get a good night’s rest.

Essential Oils Lavender

I used to wake up in the morning feeling like I hadn’t slept in days. I had tried a bunch of different home remedies, but nothing worked as well, or smelled nearly as good, as using the lavender oil. Lavender is one of the most versatile oils on the planet. Put a few drops in a  diffuser (a wonderful contraption that diffuses essential oils and disperses them into the air) or on the bottom of your feet to experience the most restful night’s sleep you have ever had.

2. Detox your body.

Essentail Oils Lemon

You’ve probably read about how a certain celebrity lost X amount of weight doing so and so cleanse, or seen articles titled ‘This Specific Detox Will Make You Drop X Pounds in 12 Days!’ They are literally everywhere and often, those promoted products come at a hefty price. When I need a detox I bypass all those advertised products and instead, turn to my go-to–the lemon essential oil. Lemon has amazing detoxifying and cleansing properties that leave you feeling better than ever. Add a drop or two to your glass or stainless steel water bottle!

3. Energize your life.

Essential Oils Peppermint

Whether you’re sitting in class fighting to keep your eyes open or just feeling run down from the morning work crunch peppermint oil can give you the energy boost you need. Peppermint is naturally energizing and uplifting. Just place one drop in your hands, rub together and take a few deep inhales to be immediately refreshed

4. Clean all the things.

Essential Oils Melaleuca

Melaleuca is renowned for it cleansing properties and perfect for all things skin related! This oil is more commonly known as Tea Tree oil and is a miracle within itself. Perfect for use on minor skin irritations, slightly irritated piercings, as a digestive aide, or even as a face wash! Apply 1-2 drops directly onto any minor skin irritation, glass of water or citrus drink, or face wash.

5. Boost your immune system.

Essential Oils Oregano

Oregano offers powerful antioxidants and support to your immune system. This is one oil you need to have on hand for those times when your immune system needs a boost!* Great for fending off the inevitable bugs that get passed around any college campus or keeping those sniffles that your cubicle mate just had to bring into the office at bay. 1 drop on the bottom of your feet is all it takes for this oil to give your immune system a giant boost.

6. Find your zen.

Essentail Oils Frankincense

Are you someone who likes to start the day off with a little morning yoga or meditation? Add Frankincense, the “king of oils”, to your morning routine for a little added relaxation. Frank can do anything! From minor skin irritations, to mood support this one oil does it all! Not a yogi? There’s no time like the present to ease into the world of meditation and relaxation. Use frankincense to set the mood and fill you with feelings of wellness, satisfaction, peace and relaxation. Apply 1-2 drops to bottom of feet and over heart before your yoga practice to focus your intention for the day.*

7. Soothe your stomach.

Essential Oils DigestZen

Nothing has the power to kill a day faster than an upset stomach. Everything is going fine and then all of a sudden you’re hit with that cramping feeling and the need to find the nearest restroom. DigestZen is a powerful blend of oils that promotes healthy digestion. It helps reduce feelings of bloating, gas, and occasional stomach upset. Rub 1-2 drops on abdomen after a big meal.

8. Breathe easy.

Essential Oils Breathe

Breathe is a blend of oils that provides support to your respiratory system. Allergies got you feeling congested or stuffy? Breathe can help get your airways feeling open with it’s cooling, refreshing scent. Place a few drops into your diffuser to maintain clear airways and feelings of easy breathing.

9. Eliminate sick days.

Essential Oils OnGuard

Sick days are the worst. You’re at home all day long feeling like you’re just going to wither away and die. How many times can one person really watch Law and Order SVU reruns anyways? Keep your immune system in tip-top shape with OnGuard. This blend of oils is full of antioxidants to support your immune system. Diffuse it daily during the fall and winter months (especially in the office!)* to keep you out of bed and functioning as normal.

10. Have a faster workout recovery.

Essential Oils Deep Blue

Nothing hurts more, or feels as good as leg day. Use Deep Blue on your aching muscles to promote faster recovery and deliver soothing relief.  This blend is powerful to support your sore muscles after that tough workout! The best thing? Use this oil pre and post workout for total relief! All you need is 1-2 drops applied to the area.

Essential oils have endless uses and make a great addition to any daily routine. Start seeing major differences in your day-to-day life by using just one of these 10 awesome oils. Have questions about any oils? or not entirely sure where to start? We love talking all things oils! Reach out to us at:

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