The world is currently witnessing an influx in natural catastrophes that are destroying lives and property. From hurricanes to tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons, disaster has been everywhere.

Sometimes it takes tragedy to bring about positive change, and many have started to both knowledge and  appreciate the need to protect Mother Nature in our everyday lives and habits. It’s no wonder that eco-home and green cleaning is gaining popularity across the world. But how does eco cleaning benefit the environment? Here is a list of ten reasons why you should start green cleaning your home today.


1. It protects your health.

10 Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Your Home Today

Traditional cleaning products have toxic chemicals that can adversely affect your health and your family. These chemical-based cleaning products can lead to diseases like cancer, reproductive abnormalities, respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

According to a study by the National Cancer Association, women who work indoors have a 54% higher risk of contracting cancer than those who work outdoors, courtesy of indoor pollutants. Green cleaning products don’t contain harsh chemicals and are thus safer for your health.

2. It protects the environment.

If you adopt green cleaning, you are taking a bold step in the right direction when it comes to preserving and protecting Mother Nature. Most conventional cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that are non-biodegradable and which are made from non-renewable resources such as petroleum. They, therefore, have adverse effects on the environment.

Green cleaning products are made from biodegradable natural ingredients that are not toxic to the environment. Additionally, using green washing machine also protects the environment. Since they use less water and electricity, they have a higher capacity than conventional machines eliminating the need for multiple washes.

3. You’ll save money.

Eco-friendly cleaning products often cost less than conventional products. Additionally, most of these green products are multipurpose and can do multiple jobs so you won’t need to spend more money buying other products.

Save even more money by making cleaning products at home. You only need to buy ingredients such as coc0nut oil, vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils, and they are usually easy to make and cost next to nothing.

4. It helps you give back to the community.

Companies which manufacture eco-friendly cleaning products take corporate social responsibility very seriously. They often donate portions of their profits to organizations that sponsor worthy causes such as social, environmental and education change. Whenever you are buying products from these companies, you’re also giving back to the local and global society albeit indirectly.

5. You actually know what’s in your products.

Many brand companies whose products you see consuming superstore shelves are not obligated to disclose the list of ingredients they use to make their cleaning products. Most of them only choose to list some.

Manufacturers of green cleaning products, on the other hand, tend to be fully transparent. You can also make your own cleaning products at home, so you know exactly what ingredients are in the products and whether they are safe.

6. It improves your indoor air quality.

You don’t really want your home smelling of ammonia or any other overpowering stench that comes from chemical-based cleaners. Although some homeowners may find these fragrances pleasant, the compounds in these products may lead to health complications.

Many green products don’t leave any aroma behind. Some of the cleaning products you make at home contain natural essential oils that will leave your house smelling nice creating an “aromatherapy” effect.

7. Green products are typically just as effective.

Some homeowners may be reluctant to use eco-friendly cleaning products as they doubt their effectiveness. If this is you, you can finally set your worries aside. Apart from being environmentally friendly, green products are also designed to get the job done. They perform just as well as conventional cleaners.

8. There are less antibacterial and harmful chemicals.

Green products are less antibacterial than traditional cleaners. Although antibacterial products are considered more efficient, studies have revealed that regular products work just as good and that antibacterial products may actually cause more harm than good.

Antibacterial cleaners leave a residue after being wiped off. This residue is supposed to continue killing germs. However, using such cleaners can lead to the development of stronger germs that are resistant to these products.

9. It’s safer for your family.

Small children and pets are vulnerable to high exposure levels of toxins from chemical-based cleaning products because of their size. These toxins are usually trapped in the carpet fibers where kids play and pets nap.

Green cleaners can do an equally good job without leaving chemical residues behind. Going green can, therefore, reduce exposure to harsh products that can have adverse effects on the health of small children and pets.

10. It really does make cleaning an easier task.

It is better to have a few safe cleaning products than a huge collection of toxic products. One green cleaning product can replace many conventional cleaners since it serves as a multi-purpose cleaner. This quality can be useful whenever you spring clean your house. There are numerous benefits of green cleaning room-by-room checklist. One of them is that you don’t have to switch products when tackling the multiple cleaning jobs.

Adopting eco-friendly home cleaning techniques offers numerous benefits to our health and the environment. Whether you clean your house or choose to hire a company that provides house cleaning services, you should always ensure that only green products are used in your home. Going green may be the only solution to the increasing natural calamities in the world.


Check out the infographic below — brought to you by the folks at Real Simple — on how you can start green cleaning today.


10 Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Your Home Today

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