This post is for those people (like me) seeking infinite amounts of inspiration about not having the sparkling start to 2018 they were hoping for.  It’s easy to get discouraged when we set the bar so high heading into a new year and a fresh start, but remember life is still life, and you can’t let it get you down.

But trust me, I get it.

It’s the first couple weeks of the year and you’re ready to reset with a fresh slate, new goals and a feeling of newfound personal accountability. 2018 has arrived and you’re ready to take on the world! Right?

Well, that would be ideal, but 2018 hasn’t been going so well… at least not for me. The “diet” that was starting on Jan 1 was faced instead with severe sushi takeout cravings and leftover Christmas cookies. My first drive into work after a few weeks off took an unfortunate turn – sending my car to the body shop and my wallet into deep despair. I wrote this post 72 hours into the new year, and let me tell you, my 2018 hasn’t been looking so good.

Here’s some advice on turning things around and maintaining speed on your goals:

1. Print out some pictures.

So much of our lives today exist purely online, and printing out desk photos of friends and family will constantly make you smile, giving you all of the feels. Even printing out your favorite photo from the holidays can help those fleeting Christmas memories last a little bit longer.

2. Take a bath.

There’s nothing like a little R&R. Although that’s what the holidays are for, many more of us spent the season running frantically from one event to another with little time to change heels in-between. Plus if you’re like me, you probably received some kind of fancy new candle, bath bomb, or essential oils to add a little aromatherapy to your bubble bath.  

3. Plan a trip.

After the holidays, life can seem really bland. The decorations come down, there’s no longer time off to look forward to, and if you live in the northeast, you have about 4 months of cold to bear until any sign of Spring. The best way to fight the Winter blues and get excited for the year ahead is to plan a weekend getaway. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, you just need a little something to look forward to. And if you’re lucky enough, to give you a break from the cold.

4. Sober up.

The holidays are filled with cheer (sometimes A LOT of cheer) which can leave you feeling down and tired instead of refreshed. Challenge yourself by participating in Dry January. Abstaining from alcohol for the first month of the year has been gaining popularity in recent years and according to researchers, an alcohol-free month can jumpstart better drinking habits all year long.

5. Pick up a new book or a new hobby or a new anything.

You’ve likely just spent a lot of money on friends and family, which is good, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself. I picked up a new read and signed up for a fitness class I’ve never tried before. Because nothing says ‘2018 here I come’ than looking like a fool in hot yoga.

6. Stop comparing.

The last few weeks I’ve been addicted to my phone; scrolling all my feeds to see who wore the cutest Christmas pajamas, who got the best gifts, who had the most fun time skating at Rockefeller Center, who got engaged, etc. It’s only taken me 30 seconds to get stressed out about everything the last year was not for me and build high, unrealistic expectations for the year ahead. Plus I’m seeing everyone’s goals pop up everywhere between starting the Whole 30 and writing a book. Get offline, stop comparing, and see steps 2-3.

7. Breathe.

Just because the last few days haven’t been the glittering start to 2018 that you were expecting, it’s okay. In the grand scheme of things, life is good. Plus, you still have about 11 months ahead to make it your best year ever.


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