Hey everyone I wanted to upload a few different ideas and projects that I have done in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. A DIY Valentine’s Day present is very special and meaningful and I know there are a lot of people out there looking for some ideas. Above is a really easy gift to make and really great for long distance couples. I am sure many of you have heard of the “Open When” letters and that is where you being. First write out each letter with central ideas such as “Open when you’re mad at me” or “Open when you miss”. After you have written the letters write the “Open When” title on the outside of the envelopes and seal them.

Next take a little trip to a craft sore, Hobby Lobby is what I would recommend. This mailbox comes in different sizes and is very inexpensive. You’ll then need to get some scrapbooking paper that has handwriting on it or something to do with the mail. There are also a variety of stamp stickers that can be found in the traveling themed of the scrapbooking stickers. Simply cut out pieces of the scrapbook paper and use modge-podge to collage the outside of the mailbox. Then fill it with your letters and you are set!

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