My dad always said that when I get in the “mode” there’s no stopping me. By that, he means the cleaning mode. I get an idea in my head to maybe start picking up some clothes off the floor and before you know it I’m organizing drawers/taking out bags of garbage/crawling into the attic to clean anything and everything I can.

Since moving out of my parents’ house, I have my own little space which I decorated with all white furniture. It looks super clean and girly and what not, but what you may not know is that it collects dust like NO OTHER. Now that the sun is out and shining through my blinds at all hours of the day, that layer of dust is much more prominent. So once I got to dusting, I got to cleaning my bathroom, which led to my car, which led to my phone… Thus, I made a list for which you can clean your own life from. Blast some music, put on some old clothes and strap on your FitBit (you’d be surprised what a workout this becomes) and get to it. It’s time to spring clean the heck out of your life.

Your Bedroom

Did you know that you are supposed to wash your sheets every one to two weeks? All kinds of disgusting things can accumulate in there, so I won’t go into detail. Strip those babies and throw them in the wash. Then, go through your desk/nightstand. What’s in there? Get a garbage bag and start disposing of old stuff, and make room for the semi-important stuff you should keep. Dust those old spider webs in the corner of the wall. Brace yourself and look under your bed. Clean your closet. Go to town.

Your Bathroom

Those rings in your toilet are gross. Scrub that away, but don’t forget the toilet seat and lid. Spray the counters, mirrors, shower, floor, anything else that collects gross germs. Take out the trash and the four bottles of beauty products you have piled up next to it. Wash your towels. Did you know you’re supposed to wash them every 3-4 uses? After all that, I always finish everything with a swipe of a Clorox wipe because I love those things to death and use them everywhere.

Your Refrigerator

I had a tub of Greek yogurt in there from January. I was gagging just taking it out. Get those leftovers that you thought you’d eat out of there, you’re lying to yourself if you’re going to eat that over a Taco Tuesday out with your friends.

Your Car

This is the worst out of all of them for me. I spend a crap ton of time in my car, as do three little munchkin children that crumble Goldfish all over my back seats. It seems that my trunk holds more clothes than my closet, and through cleaning that I found a textbook from a class I took literally seven months ago. Grab a trash bag and throw all those to-go coffee cups, receipts, photos of your ex-boyfriend (why are these even in here?) in the garbage.

Your Purse/Backpack

Wait, did I say my car was bad? Forgive me, I think this is worse. I don’t know how, but my purse accumulates more crap than I could even wrap my mind around. Bobby pins floating in the bottom, three different hand lotions, an embarrassing amount of Chick-fil-A/In-n-out receipts, gum wrappers, you name it. I even found a letter I wrote to the guy who broke me crumpled up in the small bag I keep in my purse. It was sort of entertaining to read that, but seriously throw that stuff out.

Your Phone/Apps

Am I the only one who can’t take photos because my phone doesn’t have enough storage? Plug that baby into your computer and store them all on there to make room for new photos. Delete apps you don’t need anymore. (Adios, Taco Bell App/why did I even download that) Update things you need to. Delete old messages that don’t serve you anymore. Get a new screensaver, update your medical info and favorites list. Put a new phone case on! It’s revolutionary.

Your Body

Challenge yourself to eat vegetables/fruit for a week. Limit dessert to one night. (lol good luck) Drink more than half your weight in ounces of water per day. Go for a run every morning. Get to the gym. Dance with your roommates. Eat clean and maybe go light makeup/makeup free for a solid week, your complexion and organs will enjoy the break.

It’s April. Time to spring clean yo’ life!
Happy Cleaning, friends.

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