Best friends are the foundation of happiness. They’re the glue that holds all the broken pieces of our sanity together. They mean more than anything, and yet sometimes distance and time keeps us from letting them know how sacred they really are. This is for all the awesome best friends out there that need a reminder.

1. I am so thankful that in the sea of shit that is many other human beings, I found someone as spectacular as you to call a best friend.

2. I’m proud of you.

3. I wish I were I chugging wine and eating popcorn with you at this very moment.

4. Even if we are apart in miles, we are still close in spirit. (not in a weird ghost way but you get the idea).

5. I appreciate all of the times you were brutally honest with me when I needed it.

6. Sometimes I marvel at the fact that you’re still friends with me after some of the absurd behavior you’ve witnessed on my behalf.

7. Then I remember I witnessed that same nonsense with you and LOL at our mutual insanity.

8. Thanks for always laughing at my go-to stories and the dumb crap I tag you in on social media.

9. Tell my second family (your family obviously) that I appreciate them too. I owe them a lot of cheese sticks and fees from poorly chosen On-Demand movies.

10. You’re a fantastic drinking buddy/dancing buddy/sleeping after we were drinking and dancing buddy.

11. I’m always going to support any path you take in life if it makes you happy.

12. Sorry for how hard I have been on all of your significant others over the years. I just think you’re perfect and anyone who fails to support that fact at the level of my standards should feel brutally threatened.

13. I will fight for you in any situation you need me to.

14. I think you’re smart, unique, passionate and downright freaking hilarious.

15. If I get famous and write a boss-ass memoir of my life, you’ve definitely secured a main character position.

16. I respect you for everything I’ve personally seen you overcome.

17. I know for a fact you are going to accomplish everything you want to in life.

18. I miss you.

19. I need you in my life.

20. I love you, and though our lives change every day, that will never change.


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