Coming from a family of all girls and being the oldest has taught me a lot. As the oldest, you are expected to set an example and lead your younger siblings. With two little sisters, I was especially responsible for leading by example when it came to behavior, curfews, the way I dressed and the way I dated. I was the the guinea pig in my family, and that comes with a fair share of lessons.

1. Be a role model.

It is important to lead by example. As a big sister, you are a mentor, teacher,and leader. Having two little sisters meant I have always had two sets of eyes looking up to me. I had the responsibility of showing my sisters how it was done. I had to respect myself if I wanted my sisters to grow up and respect themselves. I had to show them what self-worth and self-confidence was in order for them to understand the true values of those qualities. It is a lot of pressure to be a big sister, but the payoff is amazing. You get to be someone’s hero

2. Nothing is ever completely fair with sibling permissions. It’s something you just have to accept.

I got a cell phone when I was 13. My little sister got one when she was 8. I had an 11:00 curfew up until I graduated high school, my sister who is in tenth grade has a curfew of midnight. I wasn’t able to wear makeup until I was in middle school, my sister is in 6th grade with a face caked full of it. Nothing will be fair in that respect. Being the oldest means you were the guinea pig. Parents start to care less and less as each child makes their way through. It’s a battle you’ll never win, but we older-siblings can definitely relate on it.

3. You can pretty much say goodbye to having your own things.

I cannot even explain how many times I have had shirts go missing just to see my sister post a recent snapchat in that shirt that went MIA. One of the biggest perks of being a big sister to two younger sisters means you’ve just tripled your wardrobe choices.

4. Your sister will always be your best friend.

Friends will come and go throughout your life, but sisters will be there forever. Sisters by blood, friends by choice.

5. Family first.

Your friends might not always be there. That boy you thought you loved might not always be there. Your family will ALWAYS be there. You don’t get to choose your family, but that is the best part. You are stuck with them and that means that it is important to realize they are the ones that are always going to be there  through everything in life. Make them a priority.

6. You’re the protector.

When your little sister is crying because girls are mean and started rumors at school, you take charge and are ready to kick butt. I have noticed whenever this has happened and my sisters are upset, I am filled with intense adrenaline to fight whoever made them cry.

7. You have to be a trustworthy confidant.

When your sister admits to you she had her first kiss, or she snuck out of the house after dad went to bed or even when she is having boy troubles, you must listen. You must be a trustful safe haven for your siblings to fall back on.

8.  You will go through some of the hardest times and the best times.

You siblings are the ones that have been there for you since the beginning. They go through the same family issues and drama as you do. They are the ones that see you behind closed doors when no one else does. They know what you struggle with and have been with you through your biggest triumphs and that’s what makes you close.

 9. You can love and hate someone at the same time.

There is about a 2 second rebound rate with the fights and arguments among my sisters and I. Having all girls in your family  means an insane amount of estrogen filling the house. I don’t know how my dad did it, bless his soul. The good news is, having sisters means you can fight one minute and be laughing at each other the next.


Ultimately, I have learned that being a big sister is incredible. You’re given the ability to influence, love and inspire other young women you care about immensely. That’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world.


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