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I thought I would I post some photos and explanations for a few teacher gifts that I made for my roommate when she declared herself as an education major. I found some ideas similar to these on Pinterest but added my own little touches. These are great for gifts for children’s teachers. Comment with any questions!

PS: This is my roommate Bonnie’s first blog appearance so a big warm welcome to my favorite future teacher!

Chalkboard Door Sign:

photo 4

What you’ll need: Thin chalk board, blue and yellow paint, brushes, hot glue, thin ribbon, thick ribbon, grading stickers, staple gun, cardboard, scrapbooking letters, and a few packs of crayons and pencils.

I urge you to be very cautious with this craft because you don’t want to break any of the crayons or forget about them! First, lay a piece of newspaper down on the chalkboard. Run a pair of scissors along the edges of the chalk board black square to create a piece that covers only the chalkboard portion and not the wood. Next, paint the sides and allow time to dry.


Next, link the pencils and crayons up to match the horizontal side of the chalkboard with the pencils positioned half way down the crayons. Make two of these lines. Then, begin to glue each of them together in a line with dots of hot glue. Then you will use the glue to take the lines of pencils and crayons and glue them to the back of the chalkboard. Next, cut out a piece of the cardboard to the size of the chalkboard and glue it to the back to seal over the crayons so that the next line will glue more evenly. Next line up crayons to match the vertical side of the chalkboard and glue each of themtogether.  Then glue these lines on to the back of the chalkboard on top of the cardboard. Next, take the thick ribbon and cut it with a length that will fit how far you want to sign to hang. Then take the staple gun and staple the ribbon into the top wooden border. Lastly you can add the thing ribbon, the stickers, and the letter’s to put the teacher’s name on the board. Now your teacher can write little messages on the board or say “2nd Grade” and put it outside of his or her classroom door!


Decorated Teacher Letter:

What you’ll need: packs of crayons, packs of pencils, decorative add ons, hot glue gun, staple gun, thick ribbon, large hollow paper mache letter, and a paint of your choice. Select a letter that is the last name of the teacher you are creating for so that he or she may use this as a decoration in his or her classroom.

First, I would paint the letter because the natural color is very bland and will show through the sides. I chose to paint it white. The rest is all depending upon your letter. Line up the pencils and crayons where they fit best and cover the letter. Then, add decorations and use the staple gun to attach the ribbon to the top of the letter. Make sure it hangs straight and you are set!

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