Even through heartbreak and loss, we discover the strength to realize that sometimes it takes a few tries with “Mr. Wrong” to find (and keep) Mr. Right.

The signs:

1. He makes you feel respected and secure at all times. You don’t feel the need to ask questions or search through his phone to achieve peace of mind. You already have it.

2.  You are unashamed and gloriously you around him. He has seen you in your absolute best attire and when you couldn’t even get it together enough to find the matching sock, and he still chooses to be with you each day.

3.  Compromise comes easily. For once in your life there is a clear sense of respect and mutual understanding between you and the person you are dating.

4.  The relationship progresses at a natural pace. There are no pressures to be or do more than either person is comfortable with, and the two of you can share conversation about bridging physical or emotional gaps with confidence and grace.

5.  He knows your dreams and ambitions and he supports you through them. He leads and encourages you to be the best version of yourself that is possible.

6. You feel beautiful and loved on a daily basis. Even after you sent the SnapChat of you in your fuzzy bathrobe and pj’s to him (don’t judge me ladies).

7.  You appreciate his quirks, and he appreciates yours. You have a fond appreciation for the little things, like the way his whole body shakes as he yawns, and he appreciates the way you drop everything and run the second you hear the theme song for Pretty Little Liars playing in the other room. Well, he appreciates it as much as he can while he’s simultaneously shaking his head.

8. You are not stuck in a place of constant questioning and for once you are not rushing the future. You aren’t concerned about whether or not you will still be with him by the time your birthday rolls around or whether or not you’ll have a date to bring home for the holidays. You are just happy to be in his company, and you know that each new day brings new adventures and new memories to be made.


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  • Andrew Harbaugh
    Posted February 23, 2016 1:37 am 0Likes

    Your words go together better than netflix and andrew!!

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