Heels can be a favorite accessory. Coming in a variety of shapes, styles and designs, they can dress up any outfit and instantly add the extra pizzazz you’re looking for. Heels have been around forever too. They can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt, and have impacted fashion in many cultures and eras all throughout history. The crazy thing is that many, if not most, women find wearing heels extremely uncomfortable.

I will be honest. Growing up, I was not a fan of heels at all. Walking in heels was a nightmare for me, so I always carried a pair of flats in my bag in case I couldn’t stand the discomfort anymore. I even considered consulting a foot doctor or podiatrist because I was so frustrated with my love-hate high-heel relationship. But I decided to do some research first and that changed everything.

Now I’m the expert. I find myself advising my friends on what type of heels to buy, because I’ve earned the title of the girl always found in high heeled shoes. So I am passing that wisdom along to you all. 

The tips explained below come from my personal experience, so I hope they will work for you as well!


1. Find the right size and shape.

Heels can be a struggle to walk in if they’re too tight or loose which can increase the odds that you’ll trip. Also, after wearing shoes for a length of time, your feet may swell and have some pain. To keep your feet healthy and avoid foot arch pain, choose shoes that are the correct size and shape for them. Understanding proper sizing will be a benefit when you’re shoe shopping

2. Don’t be afraid to add more cushion.

If you find a heel uncomfortable, consider adding extra cushions to either the front inner part or the back section. Doing so will reduce the amount of pressure your feet are exposed to and make walking in them much more manageable. The cushioning material can be purchased from most shoe outlets. Dr. Scholls is always a good option.

3. Shop for shoes at the end of the day.

Feet are normally swollen at the end of the day. This is because you have been up and down all day long and feet have been exposed to pressure, thus the swelling. As a result, you will get a shoe size that will offer comfort at any given time. While trying various sizes, stand up straight in the heels and make sure your knees are not bent. If you experience the slightest of discomfort, the shoe is not right for you.

4. Practice the walk, it makes all the difference.

This tip solves half the battle. Just like any other skill, it requires practice and patience. You can start with a small inched heel and work your way up gradually. One crucial fact to remember is the higher the heel, the shorter your stride should be. There are many tutorials on YouTube that can give you tips for mastering this skill.

5. Choose a bit of a platform for increased stability.

Healthy feet are happy feet, and especially important for those who are new at wearing heels is choosing a shoe that has some rubber on the bottom. The rubber buffer gives a slight platform to the shoe that will ease the incline. This setup will help prevent foot arch pain and also help you adjust to wearing heels without too much discomfort.

Bottom Line: If you love the look and style of heels, you don’t have to swear them off forever just because you find them uncomfortable at first. Follow the tips listed above and you will be OK.

Just be conscious of the health of your feet, take your time, pick out a few fantastic pairs of shoes and have fun!

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