Happy International Women’s Day!

This is one of my FAVORITE days of the year because it allows us the incredible opportunity to highlight the women in our lives who inspire, champion, motivate, teach, and love us every single day.

The rising popularity of the “girl gang” concept is more than just an Instagram quote or something you say when you watch Taylor Swift ball out in a music video with her fellow goddesses. Surrounding yourself with women who build you up, challenge you, and make you better has a remarkably positive impact on your ability to thrive in this life. Furthermore filling your life with thoughtful, compassionate women to listen, share and support you cultivates the strength and resilience of your heart.

Recently, I learned very quickly just how valuable my circle of support is. Though I’ve grown into a strong, independent and handle-it-myself kinda gal over the years, I recently encountered immense personal adversity and emotional anguish that left me questioning everything and wondering who I had in my life. Without hesitation, ladies from my family, friend groups and even at work RALLIED at my side. They built me up, they listened to me cry, they FaceTimed with me for hours while I had to do difficult tasks I didn’t want to think about, and most importantly they pushed me to be strong and reminded me what I was capable of.

You too have these women in your life. They’re amazing. They juggle a million things, they handle an insane amount of stress and still, they are persistently kind, strong and inspiring to all of the people in their life.

Celebrate them.

Tell them how much you value their presence in your life. Tell them how thankful you are for them. Tell them that you’re proud to know them.

Because let’s be honest, we all need to hear it.

1. Thank you for listening to me and giving validation to all of the emotions and experiences I encounter.

2. Thank you for pushing me, and for giving me tough love when I need it.

3. Thank you for being a total LADY BOSS because it shows me it’s OK to be one as well.

4. Thank you for managing a million things and still making time to be prevalent in my life.

5. Thank you for reminding me what I am capable of and what I deserve, even if I can’t see it at the time.

6. Thank you for following your own dreams and supporting mine.

7. Thank you for helping me be better.

8. Thank you for always being honest with me.

9. Thank you for showing up, no matter what, when I need it.

10. Thank you for every tagged meme or funny Facebook video to let me know you’re never too far away.

11. Thank you for growing with me through every stage of life.

12. Thank you for handling adversity like a champion and showing me that I can do it as well.

13. Thank you for being open-minded, constructive and helpful with all of the mountains of advice you’ve given.

14. Thank you for your patience.

15. Thank you for spontaneous girls nights, in or out, in face masks or high heels– because they compose so many of my favorite memories.

16. Thank you for going on adventures with me and exposing me to new places, people, and experiences.

17. Thank you for taking chances and risks, both with me and in your own life. It helps me do the same.

18. Thank you for being adaptable to every stage of my life and of myself.

19. Thank you for bringing even more amazing women into my circle.

20. Thank you for being you. Thank you for championing me and my success. I’m beyond proud to be at your side.

Dedicated to the courageous women in my life. You are the fire that lights my passion for this site, and I carry that in all that I do. 


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