Life often feels like an ever-turning kaleidoscope of time. The motions we go through, people we encounter and feelings that consume us get thrown into the mix of blurred and vibrant colors. Underneath it all there is this common denominator that we all understand is the force of light behind the colors, and that is love. The background lights are sometimes forgotten. Just as we marvel at the beauty of this world only lit by the light of the sun, we rejoice in happiness from the love of another without showing them how much they mean.

For my boyfriend and my best friend, there are things I hope he knows that I may not have taken the time to tell him. There is light shining through the colors that I want him to know I see. For those of you reading this and feeling the same, I hope you share it with your light as well.

I hope you know that

  1. Being your best friend never gets old.
  2. When I met you I found the most effortless kind of love, and something I hadn’t believed possible.
  3. Your thoughtfulness astounds me.
  4. Many relationships become selfish and petty during times of stress, but you’ve always held your ground, even when I have faltered.
  5. When I am at my highest point and feel full of pride and happiness, you are the first person I want to share that with.
  6. When I am feeling low, discouraged and upset you are the person I need to go to.
  7. You have a truly admirable character for a boyfriend and also a human being. You’ve never introduced an ounce of resentment, jealousy or hatred into my life.
  8. I feel comfortable showing you all sides of who I am, because you’ve never turned me away or looked at me differently as many people would.
  9. There’s no one I would rather go on adventures with.
  10. I truly can count on you. No matter how many worries I express, underneath it all I have the consistent comfort of knowing I have you.
  11. You bring out the better parts of who I am.
  12. Your ability to be honest and straight-forward with me is something I appreciate even if I act like I hate it.
  13. The genuineness of your smile is refreshing and impossible to ignore.
  14. I love spending time with you and also with the people you love. I adore the way you light up around your family and friends, and come through for them just as relentlessly as you do for me.
  15. You are constantly teaching me.
  16. Every single day you find a way to include me and make feel special.
  17. You give me just the right amount of freedom and support. I never feel held back, guilty or worried with you because you are always encouraging me to follow every path I desire.
  18. You always believe in me. It’s immensely difficult to verbalize how much that means to a person. You believe in me when I don’t believe in myself.
  19. When I watch you talk passionately or effortlessly show kindness to others I get a glimpse of you as an outsider would. I realize how lucky I am to know you.
  20. With you I am a partner and an equal. I have never felt the push and pull that some women still encounter today and that’s vastly important to me
  21. You’re my favorite companion for every occasion. Whether that’s going out, staying in or getting interested in all kind of new things, you’re always the best person to be around.
  22. I love you more and more each day. Through every changing phase of our lives and as we continue to strive towards more happiness, more than anything I hope you know I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life.


I hope you know I love you, and that my life would never be the same without you.


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  • Caitlin Clifton
    Posted January 23, 2016 11:59 pm 0Likes

    Hi,I just wanted too say I love this!!! And I will deff show the one I love!!!…. But also commenting Bc I need some help.. My boyfriends dad passed away may 8th will be 6 years… I’ve looked everywhere for a “open letter too my boyfriends dad that passed” but cannot find one anywhere..:/ I’m not really good at writing,just thought maybe somebody could help?… If not I totally understand!! Thanks in advance! LOVE-Caitlin Nichole Clifton-

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